Team Extended to Reach Your Targets Faster

The new members of the perfect team extend the benefits of Memosens technology to chlorine, ammonium, nitrate, chloride, potassium and SAC measurement. These are the new ones:
  • Chloromax CCS142D helps you to keep your disinfection process in balance by delivering accurate measurements of free chlorine even if fluctuations in flow or conductivity occur.
  • Viomax CAS51D (SAC) facilitates monitoring of organic load in the WWTP because its optics detect load peaks instantaneously without needing any reagents.
  • With ISEmax CAS40D, nitrification and denitrification is under control. ISEmax CAS40D provides fast, online measurement of ammonium, nitrate and potassium or chloride and makes sample conditioning obsolete.
  • The service tool Memocheck Sim CYP03D enables you to check your measuring chain with Memosens technology from cable coupling to process control system. It simulates freely configurable measured values, errors and calibration values for all parameters.
Functions extended for more flexibility and better control
The new software release makes setup and commissioning on the fly even easier. You can define your specific measurement screens and have all important measurements and used resources available at a glance. If your process requires fast reaction to changes, simply use the new graphical line plotter function. It visualizes trends clearly and in real time. HART communication opens the path to field bus integration. Updating the software is a matter of a few minutes, since the new software can be installed using an SD card.

Easy to use for operational safety
Even with the new parameters included, operation of the perfect team is as easy as ABC. With the plug&play principle, you simply connect the sensors, they are automatically detected and return reliable measured values immediately. Configuration of the sensors is uniform and clear for all parameters, no need to adapt to varying menu structures or screens.

Simple to maintain for best cost efficiency
The Memosens technology reduces the downtime of your measuring point and saves costs. It also increases the process security. All you need to do to calibrate the measuring point is disconnect the sensor and replace it with a precalibrated one. The calibration is done in the comfort of the laboratory with everything at hand and optimum ambient conditions for highest accuracy. 

Fit for the future
Liquiline CM442 is investment-proof. Even if you buy a one-channel system today, later upgrades with additional outputs, sensor inputs and more are absolutely easy, fast and cost-effective.


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