A Stainless Performance Liquiphant in the Oil & Gas Industry

Proven in more than 3 million applications worldwide, our Liquiphant is the market-leading liquid level switch – and for good reason! Now its application possibilities have opened up further with the introduction of the dual compartment stainless steel housing specially designed for the demands of the oil & gas industry.

The new heavy-duty stainless steel housing addresses the need for a more robust device for the rigours of oil & gas applications, offering ATEX Ex d certification on its dual compartment housing. Liquiphant is the ideal replacement for maintenance-intensive float switches as it's simple and cost-effective yet offers real benefits in terms of its self monitoring function and SIL2 and SIL3 ratings. This gives Liquiphant a big advantage in safety-critical applications as it offers outstanding overspill protection. What's more, Liquiphant's process connections are now available in a C22 highly resistant nickel-chromium alloy with a 3.1 certificate for all wetted parts.

Able to withstand high temperatures (up to 280°C) and high pressures (up to 100 bar), our level switch has truly been made-to-measure for oil & gas processes! And, with its patented piezo drive, Liquiphant offers improved immunity to both foam and plant vibration. Able to be mounted in any position, its small process connections make it ideal for applications where space is at a premium e.g. on offshore rigs and downstream installations. Better still, Liquiphant is maintenance-free and operation is unaffected by flow, turbulence, air bubbles or build-up, making it the perfect choice for high level and low level alarms. Its integral function check means that Liquiphant can be remotely tested without being removed from the process, improving safety procedures and saving valuable time!


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