ROLECs New User Friendly ‘aluPLUS’ Diecast Enclosures

The new ROLEC IP 66 ‘aluPLUS’ diecast enclosures have many sophisticated and user friendly design features built-in as standard. These make installation of the electronics and electrical components much easier than with traditional rectangular diecast housings.

The ‘aluPLUS’ enclosures are specifically designed for modern industrial applications such as process control equipment, monitoring and detection systems, flow metering, industrial measuring devices and machine controllers.

Unlike the typical generic diecast enclosures on the market, ‘aluPLUS’ has a very modern external design which includes unique snap-on lid trims. These fit into the lid section and hide both the assembly and wall/panel mounting screws. Once fitted, the lid trims give the equipment a clean and modern appearance with no visible fixing screws. This also assists anti-tampering precautions.

With ‘aluPLUS’, it is no longer necessary to machine the lid to fit membrane keypads or polycarbonate labels, a 1.7 mm recessed area is already provided in the lid section as standard.

Also, external mounting brackets are no longer required as the enclosures can be mounted to a wall, panel or machine housing while still assembled. There is no need to remove the lid, thus avoiding any possible damage to the components or sealing gasket. The clip-on lid trims are simply snapped into place once the unit is mounted.

The ‘aluPLUS’ enclosures are rated to IP 66 as standard, but can also be specified to IP 67 and IP 69K with special factory fitted gaskets.

The enclosures are manufactured in diecast aluminium material GD AL Si 12 / DIN 1725 and powder painted in a fine textured light grey, RAL 7035.

The range is available four industry standard sizes: 122 x 120 x 82 mm, 220 x 120 x 82 mm, 160 x 160 x 90 mm and 260 x 160 x 90 mm. Other industry standard sizes are planned.

Screw bosses are provided in the base and lid sections for PCBs, mounting plates, earth connections and other components (screws included). Prices for the ‘aluPLUS’ start at £53.

Accessories include special lid fixing screws with integrated retaining straps. These keep the lid in situ during installation and servicing.

ROLEC offers a full customising service on these enclosures with CNC milling, drilling, silk-screen printing, assembly of cable glands and terminals and much more, providing a fully finished housing ready for fitting the equipment.


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