Power Entry Modules for PCB Mounting

DD21 and DD22 series provide maximum functionality within minimum dimensions.

SCHURTER's new series DD21 and DD22 power entry modules have been conceptually designed for PCB mounting. The DD21 product is equipped with multiple functions including inlet connector, switching and fusing. In addition, the DD22 series offers standard or medical filter versions. The compact design of this series makes them ideally suited for use in low profile designs, especially 1RU enclosures for 19" racks, and other IT and telecom infrastructures where equipment is continually downsized.

The DD series can be equipped with 1- or 2-pole fuseholders for 5 x 20 mm fuse-links. The 2-pole switch, which is designed for inrush current peaks of 100 A capacitive for 3 ms, is available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. The DD21 is rated for currents at 8 and 10 A, while DD22 series is rated for currents at 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 A. The power entry modules fulfill IEC/EN 60950 requirements and are ENEC and UL/CSA approved up to 10 A 250 VAC 50 Hz and 8 A 125/250 VAC 60 Hz respectively. Special configurations such as protection class II (IEC 61140) arrangements or filters with special X1 capacitors for increased dielectric strength are available.

The DD series uses M3 or self-tapping screws for mounting onto a PCB or M3 screws for mounting from the rear of the housing. The compact series requires minimal space having a board footprint of 65 mm wide by 34.6 mm deep, and panel cutout of 28.1 mm x 47.1 mm. Applications for this product include industrial PCs, digital audio applications, network routers, analog televisions and battery charging equipment. Delivery is stock to six weeks.


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