OKW MEDITEC Instrument Enclosures For Medical Electronics

Rapid advances in medical technology are creating an ever-growing market for OKW’s MEDITEC instrument enclosures.

Burgeoning demand for more versatile solutions in medical electronics augers well for OKW’s modern MEDITEC range.

MEDITEC desktop enclosures are aimed primarily at the medical, laboratory and wellness sectors.

They are also ideal for housing contemporary electronics across a wide range of applications including control units, communications devices, peripheral equipment and test and measurement systems.

MEDITEC PCB enclosures can be specified with a sloping control panel for ergonomic operation of the controls and viewing of LCD/LED displays.

A panel can also be fitted under the sloping panel on taller units to allow mounting of connectors for probes or data cables.

And the MEDITEC Portable variant comes with a bail arm/carry handle that also enables the unit to be angled when it is being used on a desktop.

MEDITEC electronic enclosures are available in four plan sizes from 6.30” x 7.87” mm to 11.42” x 10.24” and two standard heights, 2.90” and 4.88”.

Heights can be increased in increments of 1.97” by fitting one or a series of infill panels on either side of the case.

The robust construction of MEDITEC plastic electronic enclosures is achieved through strengthening ribs in the top and base moldings.

MEDITEC ABS enclosures (UL 94 HB) come in the standard color Off-white (RAL 9002) with the side trims offered in a choice of either Off-white or Lagoon Green. Special colors can be molded on request for a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces. Prices for the cases start at $42.

Accessories for MEDITEC plastic enclosures include ABS front panels, stacking feet and side panel connectors.

Optional brackets enable them to be used as wall mount enclosures, making them even more versatile.

OKW offers electronics designers a full custom enclosures service for the MEDITEC range with CNC milling, silk-screen printing and much more – providing a fully finished housing ready for the electronic components.

OKW Enclosures Vice President, Sales, Sean Bailey said: “Today’s medical and laboratory devices have to be more versatile than ever – and with pressure on budgets, they also have to be more affordable.

“By choosing standard enclosures designed specifically for the medical sector, designers can specify high quality housings and still keep project costs down,” he added.

Features of MEDITEC instrument enclosures:
  • Modern, stylish and functional design for housing contemporary electronics
  • Robust construction with strengthening ribs
  • Four plan sizes and two standard heights
  • Height can be increased by adding side panels
  • MEDITEC Portable comes with a bail arm/carry handle
  • Clip-in side trims in case color or Lagoon Green hide the case fixing screws
  • Side trims with or without ventilation slots
  • Screw pillars inside for Eurocard size PCBs
  • Optional sloping control panels
  • Four non-slip feet included
  • Material – ABS (UL 94 HB)
  • Protection Class – IP40 (not rated)
  • Standard Colors – top, base and front panels Off-white (RAL 9002); side trims Off-white (RAL 9002) or Lagoon Green
  • Case Components – top and base moldings, two side trims, four rubber feet and assembly screws
  • Accessories – ABS front panels, ABS sloping control panels, side panels and connectors, wall mounting brackets, stacking feet.
MEDITEC is one of a number of ranges of instrument enclosures designed and manufactured by OKW Enclosures, Inc. Others include LUX, MOTEC and EUROCASE – all of which are available with optional bail arms/swivel carry handles.

LUX is a stylish range of instrument enclosures with aluminum front panels, battery compartments and tilt feet.

MOTEC modern snap-together desktop enclosures offer a choice of aluminum front panels and plastic sloping control panels.

EURO-CASE instrument enclosures are available in a wide range of configurations with two standard widths (42TE and 63TE) and four heights (1HE, 2HE, 3HE and 6HE).


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