New Release of DataFlow Process Analysis System for Process Monitoring with up to 64 Sensors

Systematic analysis of injection molding processes with the aid of leading-edge systems can unlock new potential for speeding up commissioning, optimizing process parameters and reducing reject rates. An updated version of the DataFlow software Type 2805A for evaluating process data obtained during injection molding is now available.

This new version (2.5) is even more user-friendly, allowing simple copying of monitoring functions and easier entry of sensor sensitivities for multichannel systems. All software reconfiguration can now be logged for full operator traceability. The new Notes function allows comments to be added for each cycle during actual data acquisition. This helps the user interpret data during offline analysis. The new release of DataFlow has been tested as capable of running under the Windows Vista® operating system and forms an integral part of the process analysis system Type 2865B... .

Kistler is now offering a special solution for monitoring injection molding with 16 … 64 multi-cavity molds. The associated charge amplifier, which can be mounted on either the machine or the mold, also incorporates A/D conversion of the pressure signals obtained from the cavity pressure sensors. This means the connection system could hardly be simpler, as the signals from up to 64 sensors can be routed to the monitoring system with just one USB cable.


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