NEW Interface Level Transmitter from VEGA

Designed specifically for liquids interface level measurement, the VEGAFLEX 67 is the latest generation for this special application area.

FLEX 67 is part of the plics system which means it shares the design, operating and build with all other instruments in the VEGA level and pressure range making it easy to use and understand.

“Our proven VEGAFLEX guided microwave technology has been developed to include interface measurement. The physics of this ‘displacer replacer’ technology is well known. What makes VEGAFLEX 66 different is the simplicity of adjustment and the clear visualisation available via the plicsCOM programmer /display and our application based software. The new range of instruments are designed to make life easier for the user”, says Peter Devine Technical Manager of VEGA UK.

This guided radar device is 2 wire loop powered with Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus options. It is designed with the user in mind with integral echo, datalogging and trend display.

VEGA echo processing software makes it able to track both the liquid level and the interface level, compensating for run time changes caused by the density of the upper phase liquid.This sophisticated signal processing system is nonetheless easy for the user to operate and set up.VEGAFLEX has full ATEX approvals and reliably tracks interfaces using no moving parts or floats.


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