More Designers Choose handCASE Handheld Enclosures

Greater use of mobile technology in harsh environments is prompting more designers to choose handCASE handheld enclosures from ROLEC.

These high performance aluminium enclosures have been specifically designed for mobile handheld electronics used regularly in challenging conditions.

Typical applications for handCASE IP66 enclosures include test and measurement equipment, machine and robot controllers, detection equipment and data logging units.

These ergonomic electronic enclosures are manufactured from diecast aluminium GD AL Si 12 – rather than the ABS plastic typically used for this type of housing.

As a result, handCASE diecast enclosures are very robust and offer a high degree of EMC shielding, which can be especially useful for RF equipment.

The handCASE assembly consists of three separate diecastings – top, base and battery compartment lid – plus two moulded TPE sealing gaskets and four screw gaskets.

The cases are assembled using four corrosion-proof stainless steel M3 screws. They feature externally accessible battery compartments – making it much faster and easier to change batteries in the field.

Three standard sizes are offered with external dimensions of 180 x 80 x 42 mm, 220 x 100 x 42 mm and 220 x 100 x 62 mm. The two smaller sizes are supplied with an integral battery compartment for four 1.5V AA cells or two 9V cells.

ROLEC handCASE is available with a choice of contoured top sections, both featuring a recessed area:
  • Type S with display/keypad-shaped recess in the top section for a membrane keypad or product label
  • Type R with all-over recess in the top section for maximum size membrane keypads or product labels.
The top can also be machined for mounting display modules, keypads and push-button switches.

The base can be machined for connectors, switches and cable glands. The largest case is deep enough for fitting standard control switches. Prices start at £67.

ROLEC electrical enclosures are marketed in the UK by OKW Enclosures Ltd of Fareham, Hampshire.

OKW Sales and Marketing Director Robert Cox said: “ROLEC handCASE handheld enclosures are extremely tough, highly versatile and give a high level of EMC shielding – ideal for mobile technology destined for the harshest environments.”

Features of handCASE handheld enclosures:
  • Modern diecast aluminium handheld cases
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold
  • High performance IP66 protection class
  • Type S with display/keypad shaped recess in the top section for membrane keypads or product labels
  • Type R with all-over recess in the top section for maximum size membrane keypads or product labels
  • With or without battery compartments
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Internal screw bosses for mounting PCBs, displays, keypads
  • Compatible cable glands
  • Battery compartments – black ABS battery cradle, contacts pre-fitted, 4 x 1.5V AA or 2 x 9V cells
  • Finish Type S – powder coat (slightly textured); base, black, RAL 9005; top, silver metallic
  • Finish Type R – powder coat (slightly textured); base and top, light grey, RAL 7035
  • Special finishes and colours on request.
Other ROLEC industrial enclosures include:
  • aluCASE – IP67 diecast aluminium enclosures with keypad recess and hidden fixings. For walls, bulkheads and machines
  • aluCLIC – IP67 (IP69K option) diecast aluminium enclosures featuring unique snap-on mountings for rapid and easy installation
  • aluDISC – the world’s first round standard aluminium enclosures for electronics and electrical equipment.
Family-owned ROLEC has at least 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of enclosures for electrical and electronics equipment.


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