M-227, M-230 Precision Motorized Linear Actuators Replace M-222, M-224 and M-226 Actuators

  •     Precision Motorized Micrometer Actuators with 10, 25 & 50 mm Positioning Ranges
  •     To 0.05 µm Minimum Incremental Motion
  •     Non-Rotating Tip
  •     Closed-Loop DC Servo Motors and Stepper Motors
  •     Compatible with Cost Effective Motion Controllers
  •     Sub-nm Resolution with Optional PZT Drive
  •     Self-Locking

M-227 actuators provide a cost-effective solution for industrial and OEM environments. Based on the successful M-222/ M-224 / M-226 series which they replace, the M-227 DC Mike motorized micrometer actuators offer both improved specs and reduced costs. The combination of an extremely low stiction/friction construction and high-resolution encoder allows for a minimum incremental motion of 50 nanometers at speeds up to 1 mm/sec.

The M-230 versions provide higher speeds, forces and are equipped with non-contact, high-precision Hall-effect origin and limit switches to protect your equipment and increase versatility in automation applications.


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