128GB Flash Chip Unveiled by Intel and Micron

Intel and Micron’s revelation of the world’s first 128GB flash chip has taken the tech market by storm. The new and improved chip offers double the data density currently found in smart devices.

In an official announcement yesterday, Intel and Micron showed off the world’s first 128GB NAND flash chip. The chip is the result of the two companies’ joint venture IM Flash Technologies. The chip is hardly bigger than a finger tip and packs quite a punch in its tiny design.

The NAND flash chip was created by a 20 nanometer manufacturing process by the two tech majors. According to Engadget, it is capable of 333 megatransfers per second with the option of stacking up to eight chips on top of each other. The chip’s planar structure allows individual memory cells to scale considerably smaller than before. It offers a dense memory when combined with a Hi-K/metal gate by breaking the scaling constraints of the standard NAND floating gate cell. 

Said Glen Hawk, VP of Micron’s NAND Solutions Groups, “As portable devices get smaller and sleeker, and server demands increase, our customers look to Micron for innovative new storage technologies and system solutions that meet these challenges. Our collaboration with Intel continues to deliver leading NAND technologies and expertise that are critical to building those systems.”  

According to a press release by the two companies, demand for high-capacity NAND devices has increased due to a growth in data storage, a move to cloud services and the ever increasing popularity of portable devices. 

The new NAND flash chip promises a cost-effective storage solution for current mart devices that are sleek and slim. Production of the chip will start in early 2012. With the new NAND flash chip in the market, users are in for some pretty pleasant surprises and fancy devices in the coming year.


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