WIKA Instrument Corporation, Pressure & Temperature Measurement Leader, Announces cULus Approval for A-10 Pressure Transmitter

WIKA Instrument Corporation (WIKA) recently announced that its A-10 general industrial pressure transmitter has been awarded the globally recognized cULus certification. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval for the pressure transmitter makes it easier for customers to achieve regional and specific customer approvals. WIKA offers the highly functional, yet simple-to-use, A-10 in several country-specific versions.

UL, a worldwide leader in product safety certification, tested the WIKA A-10 pressure transmitter to applicable U.S. and Canadian standards, including overpressure resistance and ingress protection in installation conditions.

The tested and proven technology of the WIKA A-10 pressure transmitter offers industry leading reliability. The WIKA A-10 pressure transmitter is specifically engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions such as shock and heavy vibration. The A-10’s construction is resistant to mechanical damage and eliminates stress on the pins of the piezo-sensor. There are very few potential error sources, reducing the failure rate to a minimum. WIKA developed the A-10 pressure transmitter for general industrial applications such as mechanical engineering; machine tools; hydraulics and pneumatics; and pumps and compressors.

The WIKA A-10 pressure transmitter is suited for applications where vacuum is measured. The high-quality and cost-efficient WIKA A-10 can be used for filter monitoring, pump control, vacuum lift technology or gas analysis. It is a reliable and economical solution for applications which do not allow for measurements in the vacuum but for which a vacuum may occur.


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