Swedish Steel Producer Selects ESAB as Global Systems Cutting Partner

SSAB, a leading world supplier of high tension steel, has invested in ESAB Cutting Systems' plasma cutting technology for its plants in Mobile, USA and Kunshan in China.  Four Suprarex™ SXE cutting machines have been specified, equipped m3™ 450 amp plasma systems, PT-36 cutting torches and an inkjet marking system.  

The investment in ESAB Cutting Systems' plasma cutting technology has fulfilled SSAB's requirements for systems that deliver high accuracy cutting, high quality of cut, high speed cutting, high productivity and unparalleled reliability.  The design of the cutting systems has also met Environmental Health & Safety guidelines by incorporating a noise protected operator cabin, UV safety devices and a special fume extraction system, with fine dust filter technology, for water table cutting.  

SSAB has recognised ESAB Cutting Systems as its partner for all its global cutting requirements and after sales service.  ESAB Cutting Systems' plasma teams in Florence, USA and Karben, Germany have co-operated closely to provide SSAB with the cutting systems and service required.


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