New Features in CoMo Injection Process Monitoring System Make 100 % Injection Molding Quality Even Easier to Achieve

Kistler brings the quality-minded injection molder another substantial step closer to zero-defect production. The CoMo Injection Type 2869B… process monitoring system now offers many useful functions for faster production startups, even more efficient quality monitoring and – absolutely new – automatic quality prediction.

Automatic Online Prediction of Part Quality
The outstanding feature of the CoMo Injection system is the new module for automatic online prediction of part quality. Based on mold cavity pressure, contact pressure and process models, specific quality attributes of the part currently being produced are forecast. As early as the manufacturing stage, the CoMo Injection system with this new module predicts attributes such as the final dimensions of the molded part. This makes it possible to state during molding whether these dimensions will still be within tolerance when the part is actually used.

Manufacturers of injection molded parts can now take tolerance bands straight from the parts specification as criteria for the process monitoring system. Manufacturers of high-quality, hard-to-assemble or sensitive medical and other precision parts will profit most from this.

Monitoring Multicavity Molds and Automatic Mold Identification
When changing molds, the new automatic mold identification system simplifies and speeds up connection and setting up by automatically loading the mold and article data. It also makes it easier to detect connection mistakes.

Several CoMo Injection systems can now be cascaded to monitor multi-cavity molds with up to 64 cavities. Up to 33 digital outputs supply signals for part separation, alarms or switching. Setting up and visualization of all of the systems is performed by defining one as master then proceeding in the way familiar from a single system.

More Efficient Changeover with Mold Cavity Pressure
Retracing reference curves determined with parts of optimum quality guarantees rapid startup or resumption of production of high-grade products. This enables current production to be easily matched to the displayed reference curve. The reference curve can be read from the mold record or the database (CoMo DataCenter Type 2829B…), or obtained from cycles of "OK" parts of the current process.

New curve history functions enable scrolling through the last 3 000 cycles. Curve superimposition and a series of useful functions allow initial evaluation in the CoMo Injection system right at the injection molding machine.

The CoMo Injection system now has production control functions based on selectable criteria. This enables runs to be limited to a specified quantity of good parts, or stopped on the basis of certain criteria in the event of ongoing quality problems or process instabilities.


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