TransMagic R8 SP4 Transforms the 3D CAD Translation Industry

TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D CAD data exchange solutions announces today the release of TransMagic R8 SP4, which grants clients the highest quality and control available for CAD interoperability and data conversion processes.  An absolute powerhouse, this release of their flagship product, EXPERT XL-64, is packed with new technology that is revolutionizing the reuse of 3D CAD data. The XL-64 option transforms a 64-bit computer into an incredible workhorse capable of processing extremely large CAD datasets, over 2 gigabytes.  This release combines power, control and quality into a single solution, overcoming file size and complexity barriers.

There is much more to file translation than merely file formats.  The accuracy and downstream usability of the conversions are just as imperative.  Think about the difference between a foreign language dictionary versus a foreign language interpreter.  In the same manner, there is no comparison between EXPERT XL-64 and its closest competitor.  Along with multi-gigabyte compatibility, this release offers accelerated graphics technology, upgraded translators, additional file options and formats.  In conjunction with feature enhancements such as an optimized Fast Bounding Box, upgraded Auto Repair Wizard, and advanced large model visualization, R8 SP4 can be supercharged with the XL-64 technology option.  TransMagic’s attention to detail creates a timesaving technology in R8 SP4, focusing on efficient and economical solutions.

“TransMagic R8 SP4 allowed me to import a 150MB plus file of an engine block head.  I rate TransMagic a 10 on large file performance – Very Fast and Robust,” stated Alan Pike, VP of Involve Test and Control.  “TransMagic R8 SP4 allows you to access more memory, which is why I would recommend this product to anyone.”

For companies dealing with mega-CAD files and complex datasets, EXPERT XL-64 is the preemptive solution that can, with a single click, shrink several days of work down to minutes.  Today, TransMagic’s R8 SP4 represents an oasis in the 3D CAD industry where full spectrum data translation and reuse complexities become routine.

“The CAD interoperability landscape is rapidly changing – now our customers are routinely translating 1 GB files and larger.  That demands genuine muscle on the foundation of a solid 64-bit app,” stated Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic.  “On a lighter note, it’s a hot summer.  Have a cold lemonade, buy some extra RAM and let TransMagic do the heavy lifting!”


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