New Universal Portable Surface Roughness Measurement System

Metrology Direct, has added the new Hommel - Etamic W5 surface roughness tester to its comprehensive range of surface finish and contour measurement systems. The rugged W5 is a new entry level skidded system designed primarily for shop floor use but it can also be used in inspection rooms and laboratories. Surface roughness measurement tasks on many different materials including metals and plastics can be undertaken.

The W5 can be used for many applications including the surface roughness measurement of machined components, and sheet metal, measuring features such as grooves, shoulders, curved surfaces and small diameter holes. It can measure up to 25 different surface roughness parameters and has a memory capacity of up to 10000 results. Users can set traverse lengths from 0.25 to17.5 mm and traverse speeds up to 1.00mm per second. The measurement range is 320 microns with a resolution of 10 nanometres.

The W5’s rechargeable batteries offer a minimum of 800 measuring cycles and it is supplied with a USB cable for connection to a PC and optional measurement software. Its compact dimensions and mere 270-gram weight make it a convenient portable unit to move from job to job. The W5 has Bluetooth connectivity and interfaces with an optional P5 Bluetooth printer.

The W5 is the latest addition to a vast family of Hommel-Etamic surface finish and roughness measurement systems now available including sophisticated CNC controlled versions. All can be used with Hommel Turbo Datawin software. Probes for specialised applications such as the surface roughness measurement of grooves are also available.


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