New Huron Technologies’ Release Coating 7813, Heavy Duty Paste Wax

Release Coating 7813 has just been announced by Huron Technologies, Inc. This new paste wax release is formulated for a wide variety of applications using steel, aluminum or fiberglass molds. Release Coating 7813 is a heavy duty paste release which forms a protective barrier between the mold’s surface and the part being molded. The product may also be used on a mold’s flanges or exterior edges to protect the part from polyurethane or composite flash. This product is an offset or competitive alternative to Johnson’s Traffic Wax. Key benefits provided by the product include:
  • Excellent ease of release for a molds made of steel, aluminum or composites (fiberglass or epoxy)
  • Effective release for different types of molded material including both composites, polyurethanes and advanced thermoplastics.
  • Neutral odor which enhances staff efficiency and does not cause headaches sometime triggered by other releases with invasive odors .
  • Easy to apply either by wiping or brushing on - no complicated application equipment or techniques required, ready to use out of the pail. Requires minimal dry time to speed production.
  • Forms strong, protective barrier - this release agent works to protect the mold’s surface, thus minimizing the time and frequency of mold cleanings. Release Coating 7813 can also protect the mold edges or flanges which may otherwise be despoiled with urethane flash or extraneous composite material. Its sturdy viscosity allows Release Coating 7813 to remain in place even on vertical mold surfaces.
RC 7813 is available in 5 gallon containers, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. Huron Technologies, Inc. provides standard and custom formulated release coatings for manufacturers molding parts from polyurethane, composite, rubber and concrete.


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