New Release Agent 7767 for Phenolic Composite Molded Parts

Release Coating 7767 has just been announced by Huron Technologies, Inc. This new release agent is formulated for composite applications using phenolic resin composites composites. Release Coating 7767's delivers excellent release for a variety of applications. The release coating was originally developed for plaster molds often used in making ductwork, but can also be used with aluminum or steel molds. Key benefits of this new product include:
  • Excellent ease of release for a variety of applications including interior aviation components as well as friction or braking applications. Release Coating 7767 provides outstanding release for parts molded on mandrels. Release Coating 7767's unique formulation delivers the "slip" which is critical in releasing mandrel molded parts where perpendicular force can not be applied for demolding.
  • Resistent to agressive manufacturing materials Release Coating 7767 ensures quality in both the color and finish of the part surface, despite the agressive composition of the molded material.
  • Improved operations safety Release Coating 7767 is water based with no flash point and no VOCs. These characteristics benefit manufacturers by improving production safety and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Support for high volume production based on the product's the fast dry time. The high temperature manufacturing conditions, typical of most friction applications, also assist in minimizing the dry time needed to form the release enabling film barrier. Release Coating 7767's appearance, a light tan liquid, allows operators to see the release on the mold to ensure that coverage is complete. Quick dry times and easy verification of complete coverage enable faster production speed and higher volumes.
Release Coating 7767 is available in 5 gallon containers, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. Huron Technologies, Inc. is a custom formulator of release coatings for manufacturers molding polyurethane, composite, rubber and concrete parts.


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