Delphi Diavia Introduces New Environmentally Friendly, Modular A/C for Buses

Delphi Automotive is introducing a new HVAC system for city buses that keeps passengers comfortable while improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption when compared to traditional external roof top bus units.

The new Diavia City Bus HVAC delivers uniformly-cooled air to passengers regardless of where they are sitting in the vehicle. Using compact, multiple units installed inside the bus, the system is ductless, modular and uses brushless motors to reduce unit noise. The new A/C will be on display Oct. 21-26 at BusWorld, in Kortrijk, Belgium, in booth Rambla R3.

"Compared to traditional roof top units, Delphi Diavia's new internal HVAC unit reduces drafts, freeze zones and loud noise," said Marco Lelli, sales and marketing manager, Delphi Thermal Systems. "Its modular design helps reduce maintenance costs while its compact engineering cuts weight and energy consumption."

Available for installation by bus body builders and OEMs later this year, the new internal HVAC system joins a complete range of Diavia products that include both rooftop and internal HVAC units for buses with four to 35 seats and up to 18kW. Diavia products also include a wide range of A/C components and sub systems for ambulances, special purpose vehicles and mobile refrigeration systems.

Delphi develops and produces A/C systems for global automakers and the independent aftermarket. Diavia products are supported by a dedicated network that services all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The network members are able to provide regular maintenance and original spare parts and also service products outside of the warranty period. All vehicle details are recorded in a website database where all information related to the AC system will be available to each service station.


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