Compliant Next Generation Interface Connector

Hirose (Distribution: MSC Vertriebs GmbH) has drawn from their pioneering design expertise to introduce the new highly developed super speed ZX360 USB 3.0 connector. These connectors meet with the requirement for better performing connectors with superior high speed transmission capability.

ZX360 connectors are designed with super speed in mind. The data transmission speed has been increased to an incredible 5 Gbps allowing much faster, seamless data transfer rates and enables uncompressed transmission of high definition moving pictures. The structure of the receptacle is in two joined sections, the first section features a USB 2.0 interface to allow for a power charge connection and the other is the USB 3.0 for super speed transmission. The innovative style of the plug allows the cable to be soldered internally to a small printed circuit board (not supplied) instead of directly on to the contacts to reduce the mechanical stress applied to the contacts.

More power is delivered by ZX360 allowing the current capacity to be increased to 900 mA. Durability is not compromised in any way and 10,000 mating cycles can be achieved. Backward mating compatibility with USB 2.0 is guaranteed.

The range currently consists of a Type-B receptacles and plugs. Type-AB receptacles and Type-A plugs are being planned. ZX360 is particularly suited for small handheld applications requiring high speed such as medical equipment, measuring equipment, MP3 players, notebooks and many other compact devices.


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