ABB Low Voltage Drives - User Interfaces

Blank Panel cover
The purpose of the Blank Panel cover is to protect the drive's connection surfaces. ABB ACS310 Drive is delivered with a panel cover as standard. In addition there are two alternative control panels available as options; Basic and Advanced.

Basic Control Panel
The basic control panel features a single line numeric display. The panel can be used to control the drive, set parameter values or copy them from one drive to another.

Advanced Control Panel
The advanced control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and a built-in help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging and in controlling the drive, such as start/stop. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate.

Panel Mounting Kits
To attach the control panel to the outside of a larger enclosure, two panel mounting kits are available. A simple and cost-efficient installation is possible with the ACS/H-CP-EXT kit, while the OPMP-01 kit provides a more user-friendly solution, including a panel platform that enables the panel to be removed in the same way as a drive-mounted panel. The panel mounting kits include all hardware required, including 3 m extension cables and installation instructions.


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