Software Toolbox Named Endorsed Partner in Wonderware's New Innovation Partner Program

Software Toolbox today announced that it has been named one of the first Endorsed Partners in the new Wonderware Innovation Partner Program. The Endorsed Partner level is reserved for Wonderware's closest business relationships. Software Toolbox was chosen to provide technical support services to Wonderware, their channel, customers, VARs and OEMs for new device communications options announced today by Wonderware and Kepware. Software Toolbox was chosen by Wonderware to provide these services and as an Endorsed Partner because of their unique expertise and experience in providing device integration support to the Wonderware channel and their customers, OEMs and VARs for nearly 10 years.

The focus of Wonderware's partner program is in response to customer and partner demands for increased collaboration in the delivery of innovative, yet sustainable real-time operations management solutions - across a wide range of vertical industries. The new program is designed to facilitate improved collaboration and innovation across all parties.

Thomas Muth, Director of the Wonderware Innovation Partner Program commented, "Wonderware and its channel have had a strong relationship with Software Toolbox for many years supporting and providing additional device connectivity for Wonderware products. As one of Kepware's leading resellers and support providers, customers should benefit immediately from the expertise that the combination of Software Toolbox and Wonderware provides."

John Weber, President of Software Toolbox Inc. adds, "We are honored to be chosen for this elite partnership level in the Wonderware Innovation Partner Program and look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Wonderware, their channel, and their clients. The Wonderware channel and clients around the world trust and depend on Software Toolbox to provide the support services that help make device integration a success. Wonderware's choosing Software Toolbox to provide support services for the new Wonderware branded products from Kepware is a testament to the value and expertise that our team brings to clients around the world and serves to further validate and extend our relationship with Wonderware."


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