The board of directors at Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test and measurement, this week completed its review of 2010, and concluded that 2010 was AP’s best year on record in terms of both sales and unit volume shipped. As part of this review process, they awarded the accolade of 2010 Sales Partner of the Year to their Chinese distributor AP Technology, for achieving truly exceptional growth over the past 12 months. Finally, the company is also announcing today that it is expanding its team of sales engineers in the US in the first half of 2011 to serve all US customers directly, rather than through independent representatives.

Last year saw the most successful product launch in AP’s history: the low cost APx515 production test audio analyzer. Also in 2010, R&D customers widely adopted the new BW52 ultrahigh bandwidth option and AG52 high performance generator option for the APx525 audio analyzer. 

“2010 was a great year thanks to a combination of new products and pent-up demand from 2009,” says Dave Schmoldt, “But this year we’re forecasting sales of APx515 alone to be three times that of 2010 and we’re introducing some exciting new measurement capabilities that have some pent-up demand of their own, so 2011 should be pretty hot too.”

Elsewhere, AP announced it is expanding its team of sales engineers in the U.S. In addition to the factory in Beaverton, Oregon and offices in Los Angeles and the Bay Area of California, new offices are being opened in the Boston / Cambridge metro region and in Dallas / Austin, Texas. From these hubs, AP sales engineers will be able to serve AP’s U.S. customer base directly instead of working through an intermediary network of independent reps.

“We are looking forward to establishing even closer relationships with our customers in the U.S,” says Schmoldt. “This move will give our customers better access to the full extent of AP's resources: more up-to-date solutions, more training, and all the other benefits a direct line to the Factory brings.”


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