If It's Heavy Equipment, ESAB's the Preferred Partner

If the earth moves or you see some growing plains, you can be almost certain that somewhere at the back of these vitally important activities there's ESAB, the preferred partner of international leaders when it comes to welding and cutting.  

Heavy plant and machinery, the sort of gear that moves mountains and builds new edifices that would put the pyramids to shame, is often known as yellow goods, for the very sensible reason that it is frequently painted that colour.  

Given the nature of the work, phenomenal sums can be at stake as a result of down time through idle plant and workers, as well as penalty clauses.  

When you have to get the weld or cut right first time, the name that springs to mind is ESAB so it's no surprise that ESAB has built powerful relationships with some of the world's leading heavy plant and equipment manufacturers, as these case studies reveal.  

Case study One - "Welding smoke can be reduced if you use the AristoRod MAG wire range. A UK based household name in heavy moving equipment needed a quote for G4Si1/ER70S-6 solid wire.  ESAB's assistance team suggested AristoRod 12.63, a copper free wire that feeds better, has less spatter and generates less smoke during welding.  

Trials revealed that the concept worked fantastically. Thanks to the idea and the support offered by ESAB, the company has now won £1.8m a year worth of extra business.  

ESAB's support package included a Swift Arc Transfer (SAT™) process on robotic stations for the demonstration. Productivity gains were impressive and the customer praised ESAB's initiative and help.  
Case study Two – SAT™) rising production. One of the biggest international yellow goods manufacturers, is a company that has introduced many products and even new technologies.

The company had a bottle neck in its earth moving gear production line when it came to making fuel tanks. The Swift Arc Transfer Process solved that problem.  

Field trials revealed that the SAT™ Process used with AristoRod 12.50 could cut production time by 30% at the robotised welding station.  

The Customer was pleased with the innovation and requested it be installed in plants worldwide.  
Case study Three - Growing together. One of the best known names in agricultural machinery has been sending staff to learn as much as they can about ESAB by visiting the welding and cutting specialist's plants across the world. Partnership offers the prospect of the consistent use of technology, replicated globally and transferable from any of the agricultural machinery maker's plants to any of the others.  

It all makes compelling case for partnership. As a truly global supplier ESAB can co-ordinate activities across the planet and make sure customers get the right support no matter where they are.  

ESAB is the brand that takes the worries away from the customer, ideal for companies that need to be world class specifiers.


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