TransMagic® Ships R9 with Metadata Extraction to XML

TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D data conversion and CAD geometry repair software, unveils TransMagic Release 9 (R9), the fastest and most reliable solution to maintain 3D data integrity across business applications. The focus of R9 is on usability enhancements, quickly finding and repairing errors in the geometry, and customizing workflow. In this release, TransMagic delivers high quality support for updated CAD versions along with customer requested enhancements, including metadata output, point mesh creation and XL-64 high-speed processing. TransMagic language support now includes Spanish, Portuguese, English and German.

R9 offers a new and improved PMI++ option to identify metadata stored in a model and output it in XML. The XML output can be stored, viewed or utilized by other software applications making it an ideal tool for integration with business systems. PMI++ supports product manufacturing information (PMI, aka FTA, GD&T), assembly hierarchy, part names and other metadata stored in a model. Models can also be converted to a polygon point mesh which can protect intellectual property.

TransMagic R9 offers updated bidirectional support for CATIA V5 R21, Parasolid V24 and ACIS R22, in addition to support for all major 3D CAD formats including SolidWorks, NX, Creo Elements, Inventor and more. TransMagic Repair tools enable the highest data exchange fidelity on the market today. The enhanced Auto Repair Wizard now provides better visibility on problem geometry so errors can be resolved with advanced tools such as MagicSurface.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to serve thousands of companies over the past 10 years. The many success stories of our customers are heartwarming,” commented Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic. “TransMagic R9 can cut hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of wasted time and energy for companies worldwide where precise 3D data is needed in downstream applications.”

In the new TransMagic ribbon style interface, features are organized into groups and tabs to maximize their utility. The ribbon interface provides quick access to over 100 productivity tools, file settings, model properties and multiple rendering and visualization options. Models can be opened, viewed or converted in separate tabbed windows. Manufacturing professionals can create their own custom toolbars to map workflow processes more efficiently. Customize the TransMagic environment by choosing different ‘styles’, background color, shadows, facet resolution, and create product images for documentation or marketing.

XL-64 (64-bit) is now available in all TransMagic products, offering performance gains up to 50% over 32-bit processing. A big advantage of TransMagic XL-64 is the ability to convert multi-gigabyte data sets that were previously not possible.

The installed language of R9 can be easily re-configured into Spanish, Portuguese, English or German with the “Interface” menu. For convenience, TransMagic automatically installs the native language of the operating system, if available.


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