SonTek Releases the New SonTek-IQ Irrigation Flow Meter

SonTek is pleased to announce the release of the new SonTek-IQ – a hi- tech flow meter built specifically to address the needs of the open channel irrigation market.

The SonTek-IQ was developed in partnership with the Irrigation Training and Research Center at California Polytechnic State University and Art Schmidt at the University of Illinois and was funded in part by a SBIR grant from the US Department of Agriculture*. The goal of this collaborative effort was to develop a low-cost, yet highly accurate flow meter to meet the need of monitoring water deliveries in the numerous irrigation turn-outs in the U.S. and abroad.

The project leveraged SonTek’s renowned expertise in pulsed acoustic Doppler technology and included never-done-before flow modeling in small irrigation canals. The result is a device that is easy to install, precise and the perfect fit for highly variable flow found in irrigation environments.

“The SonTek-IQ is an accurate 21st century solution to a centuries old problem: How much water is being delivered to the field?” said Mike Cook, Product Manager for the SonTek-IQ. “The new SonTek-IQ and SonTek-IQ Plus can installed in a turnout with minimal effort, is easily integrated with common protocols and will provide unmatched data quality in open channels.”

The SonTek-IQ determines flow velocity using four acoustic pulsed Doppler beams configured in a way that allows the instrument to profile water velocity in three dimensions (3-D). The system also incorporates SonTek’s proprietary “SmartPulseHD”, an intelligent processing scheme originally developed for the award-winning RiverSurveyor product line.


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