Performance Plus from New Huron Technologies Release Coating 7655

Performance Plus from New Huron Technologies' Release Coating 7655 Release Coating 7655 recently announced by Huron Technologies, delivers all around performance. This new release agent was specifically designed for polyurethane boot and shoe sole applications. The product provides:
  • Uniformity of finish, color and gloss To cut scrap and increase profitability
  • Ease of release To enhance staff efficiency and to minimizes scrap for cost control
  • Multiple release To reduce both application time and the quantity of release needed
  • Low temperature performance To cut operating expenses
  • Minimal mold release output To minimize cleanup expense from overspray
Clarke Borgeson, Huron's President and Director of Product Development noted as the product was being announced, "Release Coating 7655 proves the value of working with a custom formulated mold release agent designed for a specific type of application. Manufacturers of today's shoe and boot soles need their operational processes optimized for success. Release Coating 7655 supports that requirement."

Release Coating 7655 is available in 5 gallon containers or 55 gallon drums. For nearly 20 years Huron Technologies, Inc. has been a custom formulator of release coatings, conditioners and cleaners for manufacturers molding parts from polyurethane, composite, rubber and concrete.


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