Advantech, Upgrades WebOP-2000T Onboard Memory and PLC Drivers

Advantech launch a new range of widescreen 4.3” to 10.1” WebOP-2000T industrial panels for the controlling of a wide range of programmable logic controllers.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, the NEMA4/IP66 WebOP-2000T industrial panels feature 128MB on board flash memory and micro-SD card slot for additional applications to run from and store data on.

To accommodate as many Programmable Logic Controller’s as possible, WebOP-2000T features over 300 drivers and should that not be enough, Advantech will custom design drivers to meet the needs of customers.

Every WebOP-2000T comes bundled with WebOP Designer. WebOP Designer is an easy to use object orientated programming application that enables users to create an application that does exactly what they want, therefore savingboth time and development costs.

Once the developer has written the application and compiled it can then be installed via the via the Serial, Ethernet, USB or Micro-SD ports.


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