Delphi RACam Wins International Award for Automotive Innovation

The benefits of advanced driver assistance systems are fast becoming the focus of industry experts, globally. European Ministers have endorsed a target of reducing road fatalities to 50 percent of today's levels by 2020. Euro NCAP is recognizing vehicle manufacturers for technologies that demonstrate a proven safety benefit. And, insurance companies are offering reduced rates for vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems.

Recognizing its potential, a jury of 80 international journalists from 20 countries recently acknowledged Delphi Automotive's RACam with a Special Jury award at the 2011 International Awards for Automotive Innovation at the Equip Auto show in Paris.

Delphi's newest sensor fusion product integrates radar sensing, vision sensing and substantial computing power in a single, compact module to enable a suite of advanced driver assistance systems including full speed range adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlamp control, traffic sign recognition, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection and autonomous braking, which automatically slows the vehicle to a stop in situations where the driver does not react to a hazard ahead.

The Delphi RACam is significantly less expensive, lighter and smaller than non-integrated systems. The single-box system allows the vehicle to appropriately respond to a hazard — such as automatically braking for another vehicle or a pedestrian — when the driver doesn't, and its innovative design has resulted in a module small enough to be positioned on the windscreen side of the rear view mirror. Though separate radar systems are traditionally mounted behind the vehicle's front grille, RACam's size makes it possible to locate the radar away from crush zone, helping to reduce repair costs following a frontal impact.

"Delphi is committed to providing innovative technologies that will help make advanced driver assistance systems affordable for a wider range of vehicle segments," said Diedrich von Behr, managing director of Delphi Europe's Electronic Controls product business unit. "With RACam, vehicle manufacturers can eliminate the expense of multiple safety sensors and still offer the benefits of consumer-desired driver assistance systems."

Delphi's RACam was highlighted at the Frankfurt motor show in mid-September and is expected to be on the roads in 2014.


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