XY Monitor maXYmos BL now with Enhanced Functions and PC Software for Analyzing and Documenting Process Data

As an XY monitor for process monitoring and product testing, the maXYmos BL Type 5867A from Kistler has extremely quickly established a wide base of actual and potential customers in industrial joining and assembly, and in product testing. From the time (10 to 13 October 2011) of the MOTEK International Trade Fair for Handling, Assembly and Automation Technology being held in Stuttgart, even the standard version of the very versatile and compact monitor, which already offers unbeatable value for money, will be enhanced with additional practical features.

Automatic Trend Tracking for the ENVELOPE CURVE Evaluation Object
The maXYmos BL records the interrelation of all of the measurands that can be measured with piezoelectric or strain gage sensors on the Y-channel, and with potentiometric sensors on the X-channel. It can monitor and evaluate the quality of a product or production step on the basis of the curve and different evaluation objects.

The update will make the ENVELOPE CURVE available as an evaluation object. During setup the band of this curve automatically wraps around the outside contour of a previously measured bundle of curves evaluated as GOOD. Automatic trend tracking, which can be activated for the band of the envelope curve, tracks the setpoint limits, for example with progressive tool wear, and adjusts the evaluation function to suit the actual process situation. One or two separate envelope curves in addition to the other evaluation objects UNI-BOX, LINE or NO-PASS are available for each measurement curve.

Comprehensive Analyses with PC Software maXYmos PC
The program maXYmos PC for the PC allows direct transfer of the test record from the maXYmos BL to the PC, saving as a CSV file and visualization of measurement curves and process values. Searching and filtering can be performed in the saved test records under date, station, part number, evaluation result and other criteria. Measurement curve analysis allows measurement of specific significant points on the curve using the cursor. Analysis of saved bundles of curves allows subjective evaluation of process capability. Thus a sharply contoured bundle indicates a stable process, whereas a scattered bundle is a sign of instabilities.

Process values are available in the Excel format (XLS) for trend analyses This enables process values from saved record files to be automatically filtered out, written into the Excel file column by column, displayed graphically or subjected to specific analysis. The function for setting up the maXYmos BL online or offline is displayed in Windows-compatible masks. This also allows backup files to be opened, interpreted, edited, printed or exported as PDF file.

A backup restore function supports saving and restoring of complete equipment setups. The integral updater keeps the firmware up to date. Updates can be performed at any time using the Kistler server.


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