Virginia Technology Internship - Spotlight on Company Mentor Anton Paar

Anton Paar USA embarked on a new journey this summer by offering a paid internship through the Virginia Technology Intern (VTI) program. Our parent company Anton Paar GmbH, based in Graz, Austria, has a long history of hosting interns, but this was a first for us and definitely a learning experience.
It all started with applications from over 65 students. After reviewing approximately 30 candidates, it became evident that these students had a strong emphasis in information technology. Anton Paar USA does not have a large IT infrastructure and would therefore not be able to challenge these interns in their areas of interest. We notified VirginiaFIRST of our concerns and they were very quick to react, soliciting applications from local high schools and technology centers for students who had an interest in engineering.
We were happy to offer the internship to an extremely intelligent, hardworking student.Casey Clark, a VirginiaFIRST robotics competition participant from Hanover High School, has been a contributing and productive addition to the company. His first assignment was to provide our service department with a replacement solution for an obsolete handheld temperature measurement system. He solved this problem by retrofitting one of our precision temperature probes to another vendor's digital thermometer. This assignment was completed within two weeks, much quicker than expected, which gave him the time and opportunity to expand his knowledge of the company. From this point, he completed additional projects which included building a test bench for instrumentation and working alongside our service and application engineers, learning the various product lines.
Participating in the VTI program was a beneficial experience for Anton Paar USA and we look forward to continuing in the program in the years to come.


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