SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg Big Success for Sprint Electric

For the fourth time, Sprint Electric exhibited at SPS/IPC/Drives, the international trade fair for electric automation, systems and components, that took place from 23 to 25 November 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany. Sprint Electric’s newly designed stand, covering 36 square meters and strategically situated in Hall 1, attracted visitors from 36 countries.

An exciting product introduced by Sprint Electric on the occasion of the show was the new range of JL/X slip ring motor drives. Typical applications for slip ring motor drives include cranes, where the motors are used to control the hoist as well as the X/Y movement. A derivation of Sprint Electric’s established PL/X digital DC drive product range, slip ring motor drives share the same software and hardware platforms and deliver the same precise digital control functionality as the PL/X DC drives.

Also introduced at the show was drive.web, a new Ethernet-based distributed control system for DC drives. The new control system includes graphical configuration tools that provide diagnostics and configurability of all drives on the network, either locally or remotely via the Internet. The graphical tools allow the full configuration of the drives without the need for a PLC or supervisory computer.

SPS/IPC/Drives was attended by about 52,000 visitors. Especially the increase in visitors from abroad was significant. Over 10,000, about 34 percent, came to Nuremberg to inform themselves about the offers of 1,323 exhibitors. One of the handful exhibitors from the U.K., Sprint Electric’s stand attracted visitors and business partners from 36 countries. “The SPS/IPC/Drives show is of major importance to us as it is the recognised show for our industry and as such it attracts a wide range of very knowledgeable and well informed visitors which is just what we need”, says Gary Keen, Sprint Electric’s Sales Director.

Gary Keen’s team at the show included Ajay Karavadra, Business Development Manager with Sprint Electric, Paul Crowhurst, Vice President of drive.web automation, who introduced the new control technology to stand visitors, and Christiane Tupac, who is in charge of Sprint Electric’s international press relations.

Sprint Electric offers a wide range of DC motor control, with over 150 models covering both single phase and three phase, regenerative and non-regenerative DC motor applications together with digital slip ring motor controllers. Sprint Electric’s full range of products include analogue and digital DC drives from 12 Amps up to 2250 Amps. Whether in retrofits or original equipment, DC drives from Sprint Electric are being used in many different applications around the world. For its outstanding success in international trade, Sprint Electric won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in April 2009, one of the most prestigious business awards in the U.K.


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