Snap-in Low Profile Swing Handle

The market for most products is truly global these days – so it is that this SNAP-LINE flat swinghandle originally designed for a US requirement is now brought to us by the good folks at FDB Panel Fittings who have spotted its advantages for UK specialist panel builders. This small, low profile swinghandle is ideal for enclosures and control panels where its “no-tools” snap-in fitment and resistance to vibration will be appreciated.

Features of this D-SNAP® technology unit include clamping ranges from 0.7mm to 5.3mm, LH and RH application and blind assembly, all in a low cost package which can save up to 90% of assembly time compared to other swinghandles. Fitment is by means of a simple 110x25mm cut-out – removal is also accomplished quickly and without tools.


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