Rutronik Presents Wireless LAN Module from Silex Technology

Rutronik is offering a powerful dual-band wireless module from Silex Technology for manufacturers who wish to equip their product with wireless functionality quickly and securely.

The SX-560-2701 is programmable and integrates a wide range of security functions for Wi-Fi connections. The compact (34.3mm x 49.5mm) wireless LAN module transmits in 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges and can be used in all situations.

Operating on a current of 3.3V, this component consumes 240mA of electricity on average, with only 60mA being consumed in power-saving mode. It supports the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards and offers security functionality such as WPA2 encryption and 802.1x authentification. Thanks to the 32-bit processor and Linux-based firmware, the module can be easily expanded to include new functions. With 16MB RAM and 8MB of flash memory, even complex applications are supported. A USB 1.1 interface and two serial connectors provide ease of implementation. There are also nine universal I/O interfaces available for customized functionality. Additionally, the developer kit SX-560-6900 is available.


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