Quixon™ Quick-Disconnect Terminals from Molex Provide a Simple and Reliable Solution for Marine Manufacturers

Molex Incorporated will demonstrate its Quixon™ Quick-Disconnect Terminals at IBEX 2011, October 17 - 19, Louisville, KY. Quixon products provide manufacturers of marine instrument panel gauges and switches with a highly reliable self-aligning feature for simple and secure connections in a variety of applications such as fuel gauges, depth gauges, speedometers and tachometers and switches for ignition, blowers and depth finders.

Quixon terminals expand Molex’s existing offering of Avikrimp™, InsulKrimp™ and Krimptite™ quick-disconnect terminals. Because Quixon terminals feature a flexing beam and standard dimple, they allow for a low insertion force to mate with industry-standard male tabs to 6.35 by 0.81mm (.250 by .032”) while maintaining a high retention level for maximum security. Quixon connectors also include a side-relief cut, which allows for a slight angle during mating to simplify blind mating, and a flared-barrel entry for easy wire insertion.

“Quixon is a prime example of our commitment to developing products that specifically meet the needs of marine manufactures,” said Chip Walsh, global product manager, Molex. “Its unique features make Quixon an ideal solution when the mating tab is difficult to reach or when ergonomics is a critical factor in repetitive assembly-line terminal mating, which is prevalent in marine instrumentation manufacturing.”

Quixon terminals are available in loose pieces or on a continuous plastic strip with Mylar tape for semi- or fully- automatic termination. The terminals meet UL requirements when used with Molex recommended tooling. However, Quixon terminals may be crimped with a variety of industry-standard tooling.


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