ProSoft Technology Releases New Faceplates to provide Premier Integration with Rockwell Automation Control Architectures

ProSoft Technology is pleased to announce the release of its first two communication module faceplates for Rockwell Automation control architectures. New faceplates include the Wireless POINT I/O Adapter (ILX34-AENWG) and the Enhanced Modbus Communication Modules for both ControlLogix (MVI56E-MCM) and Logix-XT (MVI56E-MCMXT) platforms. The new faceplates are designed to ease the troubleshooting process for operators and engineers by providing pre-built run-time diagnostics and configuration data to FactoryTalk View ME applications. They are the newest in a series of add-on tools supplied free of charge to users as a part of ProSoft Technology’s commitment to premier integration.

Additional tools for premier integration include:

  • Enable quick and easy configuration of ProSoft Technology modules in the RSLogix 5000 I/O configuration environment
  • Create the tags used to transfer data in RSLogixTM 5000 systems
  • Provide diagnostic data about the ProSoft Technology module
  • Enable premier integration by adding pre-defined logic, tags and user-defined variables in Add-On Instructions that are easily imported into your RSLogix 5000 project


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