ProSoft Technology Releases the Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Gateway: A Smart Grid Communication Solution for Substation Automation

ProSoft Technology, Inc., a leading industrial communication company, is pleased to announce the release of the Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Gateway. The gateway provides an efficient method for integrating smart grid-compliant IEDs with the Schneider Electric Unity series, including Quantum, Premium and M340 Programmable Automation Controllers, in addition to any other Modbus TCP/IP devices.

The Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Gateway supports common IEC 61850 applications including substation automation, load shedding, and advanced SCADA data collection. The gateway enables a SCADA control system on a Modbus TCP/IP network to collect, monitor, trend and control granular real-time data from up to 45 IEC 61850 IEDs at the process level (such as relays and switch gears), the bay levels (such as protection equipment), and at the substation automation level (such as PLC/PACs and SCADA control system).

Advanced Integration, Configuration and Diagnostics

The configuration utility provided with the gateway uses IED configuration files (CIDs) to import complex IEC 61850 data structures, then maps IEC 61850 IED tags to Modbus TCP/IP registers. Mapped IED tags structures can be exported directly to Unity Pro for Quantum, Premium and M340 projects. GOOSE, Report Control Blocks, and MMS Read messages provided by IEDs are written to the Modbus TCP/IP server on change of state. The gateway’s time is synchronized by periodic update requests to a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC system).

The gateway tightly integrates with the Unity Pro series, providing automatically generated application-specific Variable and Function Block files. IED drag and drop IEC 61850 Data Attributes allow easy Modbus mapping, and configuration can be stored in an industrial SD card provided with the gateway for disaster recovery.

About IEC 61850

IEC 61850 is the new international standard for substation automation systems because of its advanced capabilities for monitoring and control of IED devices, and it defines the backbone communication for Smart Grid applications. Smart Grid refers to the network of interconnected devices and technologies that comprise an efficient, modern electricity network. The IEC 61850 standard creates a truly interoperable network of smart devices, providing the availability of an unprecedented amount of data to the utility provider and allowing for better allocation and distribution of energy.

Schneider Electric’s strength and initiative in providing solutions for modernizing energy applications is complimented and further expanded by the new Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Gateway. The gateway is backed by a standard three year warranty and unlimited technical support for the life of the product.


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