The Power to Perform

Doosan’s new range of powerful, high-performance box-guideway Mynx vertical machining centres provide the ideal solution for heavy-duty machining applications.

Precision manufacturers looking for a powerful, highly-productive, reliable and cost-competitive 3-axis machining centre capable of machining complex, high-accuracy parts to exacting surface finishes are increasingly investing in new Mynx vertical machining centres from Doosan – and it’s not hard to see why.

Because, as well their ultra-rigid design and construction, Mynx machines are equipped with powerful spindles, generous-sized tool changers, increased Y-stroke capability and easy-to-use software, as well as a whole host of other productivity-enhancing features.

The new range

There are 6 machines in the Mynx range. These are available in 3 different sizes, with each size of machine having a BT 40 or BT 50 variant.

The smallest machines are the Mynx 5400/40 and Mynx 5400/50 which have X, Y and Z travels of 1020 mm x 540 mm x 530 mm, and have a 1200 mm x 540 mm table that can handle up to 800 kg. The Mynx 6500/40 and 6500/50 are the mid-range machines and have X, Y and Z travels of 1270 mm x 670 mm x 625 mm, and a 1400 mm x 670 mm table that can take loads up to 1000 kg.

The largest machines are the Mynx 7500/40 and Mynx 7500/50 which provide users with 1525 mm x 762 mm x 625 mm in X, Y and Z, and can accommodate 1500 kg on their 1600 mm x 750 mm tables.

Rigid design

New Mynx machines have an ultra-rigid, arch-shaped body that helps to optimise their static and dynamic stiffness characteristics. They also feature wide box guide-ways (induction-hardened and precision ground) for long-term rigidity and accuracy, and the sliding surface of each guide-way is bonded with Rulon 142 (a fluro-plastic resin that reduces friction) and then hand scraped to achieve a perfect fit.

Rigidity and machining accuracy are also achieved via the machines’ table which is fully supported by the saddle in all positions with no overhang.

Powerful spindles

Mynx machines, depending on the specific machine model, are equipped with powerful belt or gear-driven spindles that accept either BT 40 or BT 50 Big Plus – Dual Contact face and taper tooling.

Belt-driven models have spindles that are supported on both sides by 4 permanently greased and lubricated, high-speed bearings. Spindles are driven by motors up to 22kW at speeds ranging from 6,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm and delivering up to 365.5 N-m of torque.  The 6000rpm spindles offer optimum stiffness by using steel bearings.

All three models can be equipped with gear box drive to the spindle.

Thermal deformation

Mynx machines can mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and deformation in a number of ways. These include:

i) Directing heated air from the machines’ spindle housing casting and replacing it with cooler air. (It is estimated that thermal growth on the Z-axis is reduced by 30% compared to earlier Mynx machines).
ii) An oil cooler maintains the temperature of the oil as it circulates around the spindle and bearings.
iii) The high static and dynamic stiffness values achieved in the main castings reduces deformation of the machine structure
iv) Optical linear scales on X-, Y- and Z-axes ensure high (life-long) positioning accuracy (option)
v) A coolant chiller lowers the temperature of the coolant, which in turn cools the work-piece and cutting tools during machining operations (option)

Increased Y-axis and improved rapids

The new Mynx machines have an increased Y-axis capacity which means that wider work-pieces can be accommodated and machined. They also have faster rapid traverse rates on all 3- axes (30m/min on X- and Y- and 24m/min on the Z-axis) resulting in improved productivity.

Increased capacity Tool Changers

Mynx machines have an improved Automatic Tool Changer that with increased tool storage capacity and faster tool-to-tool change times.

Standard tool storage capacity for all machines is 24/30 tools, but this can be increased to 40 tools as an option. And, depending on the specific Mynx machine in question –  tool length and tool weight capacities have also been increased.

Chip disposal

Effective and efficient chip control increases productivity, improves performance and enhances an operator’s working environment.

The completely enclosed new Mynx machines confine chips and fluids to the machining area with coolant and chips created during machining being transported by twin screws into a forward mounted chip pan.

The machines have large coolant tanks (up to 430 Litres on the larger machines), which are isolated from the machine bed to prevent heat transfer.

Control system

Mynx machines are equipped with the Doosan – Fanuc control which is easy to learn and use, and which enables fast and trouble-free set up.

In addition to the exceptional range of standard machine features – Mynx machines can be supplied with a number of different options that include – 4th axis preparation, automatic tool and work-piece probes, through-spindle-coolant etc.


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