Pittman® ‘Size 8’ High-Performance Slotless Brushless DC Motors Introduced in Autoclavable Versions for Medical Device Applications

Pittman® “Size 8” high-performance slotless brushless DC motors have been introduced in autoclavable versions to power medical instruments, dental drills, and other small medical devices. These motors deliver high-speed capabilities, extended 1000+ autoclave cycle count, and high efficiency with low temperature rise to suit handheld operation. Their patented “Parallex” winding geometry uniquely enables the motors to develop more power using less energy.

Pittman “Size 8” slotless brushless DC motors provide compact solutions for tight design envelopes. They are offered in two standard lengths (2.1 in. / 53mm and 2.9 in. / 74mm) with diameters of 0.8 in. / 20mm. They can realize speeds up to 19,400 RPM under varying loads, depending on model, and can achieve continuous torque ratings approaching 4.0 oz-in.

Standard features include precision shielded and replaceable ABEC ball bearings, high-energy rare earth magnets for enhanced performance, robust construction with stainless steel housings for durability and corrosion-resistance, balanced 4-pole rotors for smooth and quiet operation, 3-phase stator, and Hall sensors.

These autoclavable motors additionally can be customized with gearboxes, optical encoders, and drives, among other options, to tailor motor to application.


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