New Widescreen Display Format Broadens the Horizons in Nautical Applications

Beijer Electronics extends the nautical monitor and IPC product range with two new wide screen models.

Widescreen, a trend that has been making its way into consumer technology for many years, is now entering the nautical environment. Studies show that a wide screen is more suited to the human field of vision. The widescreen display gives the viewer a 33 % larger screen area without changing the height of the display. The form factor for installing screens in the system is also improving.

Widescreen maritime monitor

MTe T240 Nautic Widescreen, Beijer Electronics new maritime monitor, features an extensive 23.6 inch widescreen format for efficient process visualization. It fits perfectly in consoles with 60 cm width dimensions. Combined with the 16:9 screen format, the display is an easy-to-use successor to older monitors with 4:3 aspect ratio.

LED backlight technology offers several benefits:
  • Eliminates the use of high voltage components e.g. neon tubes and inverters that can cause fault liability.
  • A more evenly lighting with LED stripes compared to tube backlight units.
  • Infinitely variable display dimming down to zero. This feature is essential at bridges on vessels and control rooms with night operation conditions.


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