MIPAC Sets New Standards to Save Clients Time and Money

MIPAC has developed a standardised Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and Wonderware Archestra framework which can save up to 300 engineering hours and tens of thousands of dollars on the average automation project.

This framework — designed for the exclusive benefits of MIPAC’s key clients — comprises a library of objects which enable a project’s rapid configuration, and allow automation engineers to focus on automating processes.

The unique framework supports the following features:
  • objects to support alarming and set points managed within the PLC
  • ease of configuration with functionality similar to a DCS
  • standard window layouts and navigation standards
  • multiple monitor support
  • windows for alarm summary, alarm history, event history, help files and reports
  • ControlLogix function block library
  • built-in I/O simulation capability
  • analog signals with standard HH, H, L, LL, out-of-range and deviation alarms with time delays and deadbands.
“These standards enable express deployment of projects while providing sophisticated DCS-style functionality,” MIPAC managing director Eddie De Rivera says.

“We reckon they can reduce engineering time on an average project by about two months.

“They ensure faster project turnaround which means we can increase our clients’ profits and productivity and improve their production quality even sooner.”

Mr De Rivera says the framework is the result of a strategic decision to streamline configuration processes.

“Rather than repeat configuration steps for every single project, we now have a proven framework to follow which leads to cost and time savings for our clients,” he says.


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