Membership of Renewables Network Enhances ITS’ Green Energy Status

ITS has joined Renewables Network, a private B2B development and information service, established to develop opportunities, wealth and growth in the rapidly developing renewable energy sector.

The organisation encourages and supports businesses both new to the market and already established.  Additionally it fosters an inclusive, entrepreneurial approach to assisting member companies whatever their size, in achieving competitive excellence and thereby contributing to the UK achieving its green targets.

ITS will find its Network membership enhances its existing status in green energy.  ITS already offers software solutions to improve the performance of the energy renewables sector, including Asset / Condition Monitoring, HMI and SCADA, Plant Visualisation, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, Wind AnalytiX™,  Predictive Analytics and Plant Information Management Systems.  

As an independent systems integrator, ITS offers solutions for a range of industry applications in the sector, including wind farms, turbine warranty management, solar power plants, hydro electric, tidal systems, bio gas, fuel cell operation and landfill gasification.

HMI and SCADA-based plant visualisation systems are designed by ITS for the renewables sector to gather, analyse and visualise a range of information including wind speed, wind direction, power, blade position, and temperature.

ICONICS Wind AnalytiX™ system implemented by ITS, offers a high speed performance, state-of-the-art Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) solution that identifies equipment and energy inefficiencies and provides possible causes that help in predicting plant operations.

ITS specialises in integrating equipment, plant and business data into a single unified plant operations’ view, enabling operators to respond quickly to energy, environmental and business demands.

For ITS, membership of Renewables Network puts us in direct contact with a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and developers in the energy renewables sector.  We receive daily news updates on the latest developments, and invitations to topic-themed conferences, events and workshops.  It gives us access to specialist training courses, practical business development support, and use of a Members’ Directory and discussion forum, all of which enhances the service we deliver to our customers.

The network was started by Sam Pick and Paul Luen with the mission of achieving: “5,000 members creating 35,000 jobs, reducing development costs by 20% and securing contracts worth £14 billion by 2015.”

By supporting both established businesses looking to expand and new start-ups wanting rapid growth and investment, the Network takes good practice from every corner of the sector and spreads the word, to help each individual business achieve its full potential.

As a privately funded, self sustaining organisation, Renewables Network can concentrate on a simple agenda of supporting sector growth because it is free of the stranglehold of budget cuts, red tape and political constraints.  It ploughs this energy back in to assisting its member companies.


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