Masterwave BTR Receives Award in China

At the ACCSI 2011 (Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2011) Masterwave BTR, Anton Paar’s new microwave synthesis reactor with revolutionary microwave technology, was given the “2010 Scientific Instrument Outstanding New Product” award in the category “Laboratory and life sciences instruments”. Masterwave BTR competed against 497 new products in this category.

The 2011 Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) was the fifth annual occurrence of this conference. The conference is organized by the “China Instruments Manufacturers’ Association”, “China Instrument Society”, “Analytical Instrument Society” and “China Association for Instrument Analysis”. The organizers run which is the most wide-ranging website of its type in China. The website links up the largest manufacturers of instruments for science and research with end-users. At the ACCSI, awards were given for the best new instruments in 2010. The winners were selected by experts and internet voting by numerous end-users.

The benchtop reactor Masterwave BTR from Anton Paar for the first time transfers microwave synthesis to the kilolab. With its new technology (patent pending, EP 2 086 285 A1 and US 2009/194528) a one-liter reaction vessel can be effectively heated via microwaves. The increase in productivity in the laboratory is considerable: depending on the reaction, it is possible to carry out syntheses with an output of up to one kilogram per day.


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