LTC3869/LTC3869-2 - Dual, 2-Phase Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Controllers

The LTC®3869 is a high performance dual synchronous step-down switching regulator controller that drives all N-channel synchronous power MOSFET stages. A constant frequency current mode architecture allows a phase-lockable frequency of up to 780kHz. Power loss and noise due to the ESR of the input capacitors are minimized by operating the two controller output stages out-of-phase.

OPTI-LOOP® compensation allows the transient response to be optimized over a wide range of output capacitance and ESR values. The LTC3869 features a precision 0.6V reference and a power good output indicator. A wide 4V to 38V input supply range encompasses most battery chemistries. Independent TK/SS pins for each controller ramp the output voltage during start-up. Current foldback limits MOSFET heat dissipation during short-circuit conditions. The MODE/PLLIN pin selects among Burst Mode® operation, pulse-skipping mode, or continuous inductor current mode and allows the IC to be synchronized to an external clock.

The LTC3869 is pin compatible with LTC3850 and is available in both low profile 28-lead QFN and narrow SSOP packages.


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