iX 1.31 Landscape or Portrait is Your Own Choice

The new version of Beijer Electronics HMI solution iX V1.31 goes from strength to strength with a variety of new useful features. All project engineers are now getting a tool, which is able to design industrial HMI applications in an efficient and realistic way.

By using the particular system tag, the user configures the build-in front LED after his imagination. The choices are on-line or blink mode, as well as color change for particular system status. Additionally the front LED can be dimmed infinitely, which is essential in all maritime applications.

The new introduced password sequence prior to system menu secures the touch panel for unauthorized system setup changes.

A very powerful feature is the new choice between portrait and landscape projects. The features enable two screen orientations for more flexible HMI applications in all available iX panels.

The project import functionality for existing Beijer Electronics HMI projects developed with Information- and H-Designer, has been improved significantly.


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