Housed USB Cameras Customised for High-Tech Industries

The new VF camera series is not just a set range of cameras, it is a highly flexible and customisable image capture platform with more than 200 camera variants per image sensor. The Visiosens platform concept provides a single highly sophisticated software interface for all cameras in all applications, including specifically customised devices. The platform consists of a growing number of image sensors, a variety of output interfaces, complementary assembly concepts, mounts, filters, and an LED lighting ring option. For all variants, the user and system interface is built on a unified, future-proof, cross-platform software development kit based on the latest .NET™ technology.

The extremely robust camera housing is specifically designed for industrial systems as well as for microscopy. It offers multiple mounting options on each side and the front face which are all symmetrical to the optical axis of the sensor.

You can choose between C-, CS- or M12-mount. An optional LED ring, integrated in the housing and connected to the 8-pin I/O port, saves money and space.

The system design and production process is optimized for the variety of options and ensures especially short delivery times at an outstanding price-performance ratio.


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