HMS Offers Connectivity for BACnet MS/TP

The Anybus CompactCom for BACnet MS/TP enables device manufacturers to offer connectivity to BACnet MS/TP — a serial network primarily used within building automation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning).

As more and more buildings are being equipped with the Ethernet version of BACnet — BACnet/IP — there are also more manufacturers of air conditioning equipment, pumps, ventilation devices etc. wishing to offer BACnet connectivity. With the release of the Anybus CompactCom for BACnet/IP earlier this year, HMS offers network connectivity to this up-and-coming network.

But many existing buildings already use the serial version of BACnet — BACnet MS/TP. The Anybus CompactCom for BACnet MS/TP now allows device manufacturers to offer connectivity to this network as well.

"BACnet/IP is already the network of choice in the building automation and HVAC industry, but the already installed base of BACnet MS/TP also needs to be upgraded with new devices and functionality. Therefore, our customers would like to have the possibility to offer BACnet MS/TP in their device for present installations," comments Leif Malmberg, Product Line Manager for embedded products at HMS.

Technical highlights:
  • Supports the profile B-ASC with data sharing functionality.
  • Analog, binary and multi state value object types supported.
  • Supports real time synchronization according DM-TS-B.
  • Change Of Value (COV) notification and Alarm/Event functionality supported.
  • Active module with serial and parallel application interface.


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