F90LN-AFR CA11- High Speed, Adjustable Cutters for PCD/CBN Inserts

ISCAR is introducing new adjustable-pocket face mills, designed mainly to carry PCD or PCBN
tipped inserts for use on cast iron, hardened steel, aluminum or any other non-metallic materials.
Such tools are used mainly in the automotive and aerospace industries.

It is recommended to use inserts with IB85 or IB55 tips for grey cast iron, ID8 for composite
materials and ID5 or ID8 for aluminum.

Following is a list of the most recommended inserts to be used on the new ALUTANG tools:

  • LNAW 1106PN-R-S IB85
  • LNAW 1106PNTR-S IB55
  • LNAW 1106PNTR-S IB85
  • LNAR 1106PN-R-S-W ID5
  • LNAR 110604PN-R-S ID5
  • LNAR 110604PN-R-S ID8
As these applications require High Speed Machining, they are dynamically balanced for high RPM
(G2.5 grade). The maximum recommended RPM for each tool is specified in the attached tool data
tables. A set of radially positioned screws enable balancing the cutters for these high
rotational speeds.


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