Eaton’s Highly Efficient 9E UPS Delivers Simple Power Management for Complex IT Environments

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced the launch of the Eaton 9E uninterruptible power system (UPS), a highly-efficient backup power device designed specifically with the information technology (IT) manager in mind. Integrated with Eaton’s award-winning Intelligent Power® Manager software, the 9E delivers affordable data center power management in a small footprint.
The 9E’s sleek, compact tower configuration delivers superior power protection for expanding loads in space-constrained data centers while operating at up to 98 percent efficiency, making it the most efficient UPS in its class. The 9E is the first UPS in its class to offer internal batteries up to 60 kVA, which saves significant floor space when compared to external battery cabinets.

Further addressing the IT manager’s growing energy management and efficiency concerns, the 9E’s physical footprint is up to 35 percent smaller than competing models, which allows better space utilization for revenue-producing equipment and materials, in turn, saving costs to build, protect, insure, heat and cool the data center. The unit further curtails total cost of ownership by minimizing energy, space, installation and maintenance costs, offering a potential lifetime savings of more than $85,000.

“The 9E UPS was created to help IT managers, whether in a small data center or complex IT environment, address typical data center problems head on,” said Louis Pinkham, vice president and general manager, Critical Power Solutions, Eaton. “The 9E provides a simple solution for common data center concerns such as return on investment, energy costs, remote management and efficiency, so the user has more time to focus on other mission critical operations.”

The 9E comes complete with Eaton’s complimentary Intelligent Power Manager supervisory software, which allows quick and easy management and monitoring of multiple power devices across a network from any personal computer with an internet browser. The 9E also boasts a range of seamlessly integrated accessories to maximize runtime options, meet unique location requirements and allow for planning expansion. The 9E is accompanied by best-in-class service and one year parts and labor warranty with startup.


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