Eaton Completes the Integration of Moeller with Product Branding and New Packaging

Eaton is about to complete the integration of the Moeller Group acquired in 2008 with changes to its products and packaging: From July 1 Eaton will start to replace the Moeller logo with the Eaton logo on all products and packaging. These changes in the product range will be completed over the course of 2011 by the planned completion date of January 1 2012.

All products will have the same form, fit and function and carry the same order codes. Article numbers and product designations will stay the same. In this way Eaton will give its customers the reassurance of continuity of supply and build quality. Product certification and test documentation will also retain their validity.

The name Moeller will continue to exist as a product series designation. The previous company name will be shown as "Moeller Series" in recognition of the product value it has transitioned to Eaton. All previous Moeller products will become Eaton products and in future will carry the name Moeller Series inscribed on the product, the packaging label, the catalogues and the sales material. By January 1 2012 at the latest, all products and packaging will only carry the Eaton logo.

In terms of organisation, product and production techniques, Moeller has been fully integrated into Eaton during the last two plus years. Moeller facilities have been adopting the Eaton Business System (EBS), a single continuous improvement system covering work processes, tools and tooling during this time. This ensures that the same processes are implemented in every business unit all over the world. This will provide transparency and ensure that customers receive the same level of quality with products and services.


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