Comprehensive Mobile Yardramp Training Underlines Thorworld’s Commitment to Customer Service

Leading high quality loading and unloading equipment specialist Thorworld Industries’ commitment to customer service has been enhanced with the launch of its Mobile Yardramp Training programme, designed to train customers in the safe and efficient use of Thorworld ramps.

Although not a legal requirement, the course has been developed to help employers meet their requirement under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This stipulates that “every employer shall ensure that his employees are provided with adequate health and safety training.”
Carried out on-site for up to 10 employees at any one time, the fixed-price course introduces those attending to the safe and efficient use of the loading ramp in a way that is thorough yet easily understood.

"The course explains the major parts and functions of the specific ramp used by the customer," explains Thorworld Industries managing director John Meale. "It covers in detail the safe working procedures in the operation of the ramp and highlights potential dangers if used incorrectly.
"From raising and lowering, to connecting to a trailer, good yardramp practice involves procedures that some people may perhaps find daunting, but which are easy to master with clear guidance. Our thorough course, including all appropriate pre- and post-use checks, ensures a smooth, efficient and above all safe process for all yardramp users," he adds.

The course comprises a sit-down classroom theory and a practical session, with successful training then tested by a short examination. Every course is run by an experienced Thorworld engineer, each of whom have themselves successfully completed an independent Train-The-Trainer course.
Thorworld is SAFEcontractor approved, giving a guaranteed level of safety while on-site. Under the independent SAFEcontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines their health and safety procedures and track record for safe practice, with only those companies that meet the very highest standards are accepted into the scheme.

The Mobile Yardramp Training programme is available regardless of whether the customer has purchased a Thorworld yardramp or hired one via the company’s popular RentARamp® division.

"Whether a yardramp is being used to support a short-term contract or temporary project, or is set to be an on-site mainstay for years to come, our Mobile Yardramp Training Programme offers essential peace of mind in undertaking vehicle or container loading and unloading operations," concludes John Meale.
Thorworld container loading ramps are specifically designed to provide fast, efficient and safe loading and unloading of vehicles and containers by forklift truck, particularly where there is no dedicated, raised loading bay area.

The company offers the most comprehensive selection of ramps from 6,000kg to 15,000kg capacities – available for purchase or rental on a sale or return basis – with an overall product offering comprising three specific ranges, including Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Standard (heavy, medium and light duty) models.
All Thorworld ramps are CE marked and fully conform to the latest UK and European quality and safety standards and legislation. Bespoke models can also be supplied to meet the needs of individual customers.

The company also provides a comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance facility to ensure the continuing safe and efficient operation of its loading ramps.


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